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Places to live in Boston that are EV parking-friendly

With a grand opening of new Tesla store at Prudential Center last Friday, we've got to think what building will be best suited if we had Tesla or other electric vehicle (EV).

Finding a good parking spot in Boston is not an easy task, let alone parking that would have an EV charging station at your convenience. PlugShare is a great app that [...]

HOLIDAYS&DISCOUNTS - or how to save money while moving to a new apartment

It's my favorite time of the year. Holidays are just around the corner - spending time with family and friends, hot apple cider with cookies and pies and DISCOUNTS almost everywhere. If you're up for a good DEAL, this is the TIME (especially if you're still looking for a new place to live)!

Many apartment buildings are running promotions that are hard to pass by. [...]

Cool coffee spots right where you live

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With air getting chilly and days getting gloomy, we all are in desperate need of a good morning kickstart. And a nice cup of coffee handcrafted by skillfull baristas is a must have these days in the Hub. Certainly there are plenty of options to choose from. You got your Dunkin and Starbucks every other block in the city. But how about [...]