Renting with Pets

10 Tips for Busy People Living in Small Spaces

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Ahh, the great city of Boston!

The busy nature of city life often keeps us out on the town more than in our homes. And why not? With so much going on, it’s fun to get out and enjoy the city!

If you're a recent Boston transplant you may have had to adjust to life in a smaller living space. Many must downsize their "stuff" and make use of [...]

A Realistic Renter's Guide to Getting a Dog | 10 Things to Consider

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Boston’s known for some great things. But renting with a pooch? Not one of them.

According to, Boston ranks #14 on a list of 25 of the most pet friendly cities. While a reported 9% of apartment buildings rent to small dogs, only 1% will let you in with a larger breed. That means moving in with your St. Bernese Mountain dog may [...]