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Neighborhood Restaurants: Boston Chops in the South End

Neighborhood Restaurants will be our new weekly blog post that will cover all great eateries in Boston, Cambridge and Brookline. We promise to share our dining experiences and give you unbiased reviews of all places we visit for lunch/dinner.

boston chops barThis week's hot spot is Boston Chops in the South End. This trendy and hip steakhouse has opened its doors less than a month ago. Located in the condo building of Penny Savings Bank on Washington Street in SoWa, this New York style eatery quickly became a hidden gem for all steak lovers all around Boston. Every decor detail from exposed brick, high ceilings, industrial steels to dark leather booths makes you feel you're back in good old times of Roaring Twenties. The dimmed lighting makes it intimate and cozy - a perfect spot to bring a date or go on a night-out with friends.

But not only the stunning decor and ambiance of the restaurant make it a special place. The food they serve is stellar and the service is top-notch. As we walked in, front of the house promptly greeted us and was nothing less than lovely and super-friendly. We were seated at a table in the private dining area (that night it was used as deuces), so we could see entire dining area, as well as magnificent bar where they make absolutely fantastic cocktails. For all wine lovers, they do have a pretty extensive wine list that covers great wine options for different budgets.

Our server was attentive and knowledgeable who gladly introduced us to the menu of the night. Our dinner started off with Brined, Braised & Grilled Tongue served with Pickles in a Sauce Ravigote. It was delicious, the smooth texture of the sauce and thin slices just melt heavenly in your mouth. For B&B, they serve amazing flaky Popovers that come in cute little tin with delish fresh butter.

Main course: Boston Chops gives you plenty of choices from 8 oz of chops&steaks to 22 oz that you could easily share. All 8 oz cuts come with unlimited Seasonal Greens and Frites, where esle can you find such a great deal? And Boston Chops  knows well how to cook steak to perfection! The texture, the sauce and the sides that you can order. Try their Black & White Garlic Spinach Gratiné and Brussels Sprouts Au Canard, you will be shocked in the best way possible on how good they taste.

For everyone who likes seafood, Boston Chops covers it all - there is a good selection of seafood on the menu - oysters, shrimp cocktails, lobsters and more.

Overall, this is a place to go in the South End if you're looking for either a good steak or delicious drinks. Great addition to a great neighborhood!

We will keep you posted on neighborhood restaurants we visit. Stay tuned!

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    Can you recommend a good restaurant in Australia, no matter how much it costs ?