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Why Should I Use a Rental Agent?

With so many apartments listed online why should you use a rental Agent to help you rent an apartment? After all, you have access to all the the available apartments, right? And who wants to pay a rental agent's fee? That just seems like a waste of money!

With so much information available online, this has become a common thread of thought among apartment seekers who think of rental Agents as simply key holders who are helping them see an apartment that they found online.  This pervasive train of thought is not unearned by most leasing Agents who have little to no training and quite simply are waiting for people to call them on an ad so they can open the door to that apartment and keep their fingers crossed the prospect rents it.  If the apartment the customer calls about is no longer available then the Agent scrambles to show anything else regardless of what the customer says they need. In other words, renters have to become wary of working with Agents and Agents feel like they have to trick customers in to renting apartments.

There has to be a better way to rent an apartment!!!


At BLP we have come up with 5 Reasons why you NEED a well trained Agent. Over the next couple of weeks we will reveal these 5 reasons and how BLP delivers value beyond the ability to open the door to the apartment.  Follow our RSS feed or check back often and learn why our Agents break the mold of the sterotypical rental Agent and provide a professional service to our valued customers.