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Places to live in Boston that are EV parking-friendly

With a grand opening of new Tesla store at Prudential Center last Friday, we've got to think what building will be best suited if we had Tesla or other electric vehicle (EV).

Finding a good parking spot in Boston is not an easy task, let alone parking that would have an EV charging station at your convenience. PlugShare is a great app that gives you multiple options of nearest EV stations. But what about a charging station at your building's garage?

We spend some time to research different options for EV owners who live in Boston. Various apartment and condo buildings have been rated according to these criteria:

  • ACCESSIBILITY - whether parking spot with EV charge station is private or shared with the rest of garage. Is there a valet option that will take of charging your car? Is charging station shared with residents only or open to public?
  • # OF STATIONS - the more, the better
  • TYPE OF CHARGING STATION - how fast can you charge your car. There are different typs of charging stations - wall outlets at 120V, universal plugs at 240V and Tesla Superchargers.
  • COST - is it included in parking rent or separetely charged on your ChargePoint Card?

Stay tune for next posts with detailed info on Boston residential buildings with EV parking. We'll also have a downloadable version of EV parking for our readers.