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10 Tips for Busy People Living in Small Spaces

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Ahh, the great city of Boston!

The busy nature of city life often keeps us out on the town more than in our homes. And why not? With so much going on, it’s fun to get out and enjoy the city!

If you're a recent Boston transplant you may have had to adjust to life in a smaller living space. Many must downsize their "stuff" and make use of what is there. Case and point, why spend all day cleaning up when you could be on a swan boat?

For those of you who swapped living space for sightseeing (or are looking to soon), here are 10 tips to simplifying your space and your life!


1. Need vs. Want.

Do you absolutely need your vintage stereo? Or the chair your college roommate gave you as a parting gift? If the answer's no, why bother moving it? The more you have in your place, the more you have to clean. Why add additional chores to your life when you’re busy and important?

2. Invest in Storage Solutions.

This may sound like a no brainer- but you can use these things forever. Places like the Container Store, Wayfair and Ikea, cater to any room or budget when it comes to packing it in.

You may find you can fit the things you never thought possible!

3. Get a place with amenities.

Can't part with any of your button down shirt collection but don't have time to get to the dry cleaners? Luxury buildings will be your savior. Places like the Viridian and Ink Block Boston offer things like club room with host kitchen, fitness centers, on site car detailing, apartment cleaning, dry cleaning and grocery delivery. And don’t forget Fido! These places even offer dog grooming and play areas for your dog! (For more on Renting with a Dog, check out our Blog “A Realistic Renter’s Guide to Getting a Dog in Boston!)

4. Donate!

What better way to get rid of things you know someone else will cherish? There are so many options for donation in Boston: anything from clothes to furniture, appliances. You're downsizing and working on your karma all at once. Yay you!

5. Or, Consign and Capitalize.

Boston is chalked full of consignment and antique stores. Have a vintage bag or dress? Try Second Time Around. With locations all over the hub, you stand to make a few bucks on things you have forgotten you even have!

6. Have a “Swap Shindig”!  

Have you heard of consignment parties? Chances are your friends are like you in the sense they have lots of stuff they don't need or want. Get some wine and cheese, log into your evite account and tell your friends to bring over things they want to swap. Sure, you may just be  acquiring more stuff- but it’s a fun way to get together, clean out clutter and maybe get a thing or 2 you can actually use.

7. Google it.

Seriously. This is the city. Survival of the fittest.

Have a king size bed in a 500 square foot apartment? Google "storage ideas for king size bed". Doesn't hurt. Type keywords into Pinterest. The internet is a wise creature. Use it!

8. Get a Storage Unit.

Even if it just while you decide what to keep and what to get rid of, a storage unit might be a wise investment if your things are more valuable to keep then sell. It’s sometimes good to keep the extra storage space if your time in the city is short term or you're in the midst of deciding your next move.

9. Rent everything!

Relocation and don’t feel like lugging it all? Or moving it all over again if you’re here short term? Why not rent it all? offers options for renting furniture, appliances- pretty much everything.  You can rent by room, rent by piece, furnish an entire place with just a few clicks of your mouse!

10. Hire Someone to Simplify Your Life

Hey, why not? Boston is FULL of interior designers who may be able to help you rearrange your space without you having to do the mental lifting. It will run you roughly $150-$200 an hour, but think of the time and energy you’ll save when you’re small space is like a well oiled machine of efficiency. Check out this checklist from on whether or not this might be a good option for you!

Boston’s apartments may be tight on space, but we have hundreds of exclusive listings big on style.  


Need a new spot to call home when your busy day is done? Drop us a line at! We’d love to help!


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