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Not heading home for Thanksgiving? How to throw a Friendsgiving!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, most of you are weighing the option of going home versus staying local. It’s a tough call - deciding whether you’ll go for the Norman Rockwell-type flair or if you’ll shake things up by turning the day into your very own Friendsgiving shared with close friends.

After all, Friendsgiving  is becoming more common for those looking to keep things casual. Not to mention it’s convenient for those who can’t afford going home because of work, school, or expensive travel costs.

For those of you looking to go this route, here are a few tips for throwing a successful Friendsgiving in your very own pad...

1. Reorganize your space: Avoid clutter, make sure people can move, and, most important of all, have plenty of seating on hand. In that vein, don’t be afraid to move furniture around or to create a new look for your space if it means creating an open environment for your guests to move around and mingle in.

The key is preparation. In order to get the most bang for your buck, you’ll want to think of the best way to present your space. Draft a game plan early on and decide what’s cluttering your space early enough to be ready for the time of your event.


2. Plan your menu around your kitchen’s size: Speaking of preparation, you’re going to want to figure out what it is you’ll actually be making the day of the event and how this will affect your kitchen.

This has a lot to do with the size of your kitchen in asking how much you’re able to prepare simultaneously. Knowing there will be a big entree occupying your oven such as a turkey or ham, it’s wise to think creatively how you can juggle multiple dishes at the same time using other areas of your kitchen.

For example, you might find it easier to prepare your side dishes the night before so your only job on the day of the dinner is to reheat these through the microwave. You can also use sides that can be made entirely on the stovetop such as rice, carrots, and greens to fill out your meal’s serving size and cut the demand on your kitchen’s space. Better yet, you can supplement these with other quick sides like salad or bread and butter.

If you want go for an easier route you could even purchase pre-prepared meals from your local grocery store. There are a variety of options when it comes to looking for pre-chopped vegetables or even pre-made and frozen entrees. Don’t be afraid to use these fast servings as they’ll free up the demand on your kitchen and save you time during preparation.


3. Add to your lack of furniture with quick fixes: Inevitably you’ll wind up with more food than your space can handle if you add your own dishes with friends’ contributions. Instead of stuffing all of this onto the dining table and creating a cramped eating environment, go for some quick fixes like keeping your food on a fold out table disguised by a table cloth.

Alternatively, you can find some creative ways to use your kitchen as a serving area. Use stovetops as surfaces to serve from and keep your counters cleared for hosting any dishes that might arrive. The key is to allow for every dish to be had without getting in the way of your guests’ ability to move, eat, and mingle freely


4. Clean as you go: It’s easy enough to say you’ll get to those dishes tomorrow morning. The problem is, if you have a small sink, those dishes can really pile up and create an issue for you as the dinner goes on. To avoid this, you’ll want to clean as you go and make decisions that will keep your sink as clear as possible.

Look for key times to sneak in some quick cleans. Examples include cleaning your pots and pans between the time your preparation ends and the serving begins or the time between the end of your dinner and the beginning of your dessert. You can also save on some clean up by encouraging guests to bring their own tupperware or containers to take away the leftovers.


5. Keep your decor simple: When it’s all said and done, Friendsgiving is a one-day event which asks for more time spent in the kitchen or sharing food than anything else. Dress your space up with simple decorations you can find from the dollar store or quick DIY ideas available on sites like Pinterest.

Don’t get bogged down with the allure of an expensive centerpiece or gaudy wall decor when you can substitute these things with quicker, cheaper alternatives that add to the festivity without drawing too much attention. Besides, the more decor you add to your space, the longer your clean-up will be when everything is over.

Still looking for a place to hold your next Friendsgiving? We can help you out. Call us at 617-670-1111 or email to contact one of our agents!

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