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NO FEE Mortgage AND Cash Back?

Is it possible to get a NO FEE* mortgage AND cash back at closing from your lender? 

For Buyers who Buy with the BLP Team, you could offer as much as $6,000 more than you may have been able to because you won't pay many of the fees you would typically be required to by another lender AND you could get an additional $1,000 back at closing for loans over $150,000 in value.  This means your $500,000 offer could become $506,000 without costing you a single dollar more!

Sellers who list with the BLP Team the difference can mean getting the deal done or having the Buyer walk away. Simply put, let's say you list at 500,000 and a buyer offers you $480,000.  We negotiate back and forth and the Buyer finally counters at $492,000.  GREAT! you say. Then we remind you that we can offer the Buyer $6,000 in savings on their mortgage if they use a Keller Mortgage.  We counter at $498,000 and explain how this won't cost them a dollar more.  DEAL DONE and you only came down $2,000.

*Keller Mortgage does not charge an origination fee, underwriter fee, processor fee, transaction fees, rate lock fee, etc! And for loans greater than $150,000 they also give a $1,000 credit back at closing, which will cover the cost of your Appraisal and Inspection. On top of all that they offer very competitive rates and order the appraisal day 1. If you don’t close, you don’t pay for the appraisal.

Want to get a hassle free pre-approval? Simply let us know and we will send you a link to apply online. We make it easy

I no longer live in Massachusetts

NO PROBLEM!  The BLP Team is part of the largest referral network in the world with over 160,000 agents and we have the technology to pair you with the top agent in every market! We can help you find the best agent for wherever you want to call home, and we can offer you the Zero Plus mortgage in every state except New York