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Every broker holds the same license,
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At Boston's Luxury Properties, we work to develop an agent's knowledge, communication level and skills as a successful realtor.
We're Hiring!

Boston's Luxury Properties is hiring new and experienced Real Estate Agents who want to learn how to become true industry professionals and top producers in the field.

We're looking to help mold your career, not just your job.

What we offer:

  • Development - Your first 6 months to a year will be centered upon building a strong understanding of these concepts and skills introduced to you during orientation through working with landlords and leasing to rental customers.  You will be assigned to a team and will have a mentor and teammates to learn and grow with. We find the leasing process is an accelerated way to master the skills needed to be a great agent as you have many more opportunities to practice what you have learned than you will working as a sales agent.  Income is also generated faster and with less risk for the new agent.
  • Leveraged Income - After you have demonstrated a strong understanding of our company values and success as a leasing agent you will be given the opportunity to start your own leasing team and become a mentor to new leasing agents while earning leveraged income off your new team.  You will also begin to transition towards selling real estate utilizing your previous leased tenants and landlord network as part of your initial sphere of influence.
  • Team Based Environment - We offer a team, or "pod system", environment. The pod system provides new agents with mentors to help train and colleagues to learn and grow with.
  • Business Coaching - You will be an independent agent and that means you are your own business. Learn to create goals, action plans to achieve these goals and budget for your success.
  • Innovative Systems - In order to help agents become more efficient and to take the road blocks out of doing business we provide a world class CRM Solution and web based applications accessible on almost any device and from anywhere with internet access.
  • Professional and Thoughtful Office Space - We practice cafe brokerage meaning you have access to great facilities when you need them for client meetings and training but can work from anywhere.
  • Hundreds of exclusive and thousands of open rental listings giving you great marketing and easy income opportunities to learn on and grow your sphere of influence with.
  • Positive Leadership - The broker/owner of BLP is a member of the Board of Directors for the Greater Boston Association of REALTORS and the Greater Boston Real Estate Board as well as an active member of the Fenway Community Development Coalition and has over 14 years of experience as well as holding the Accredited Buyers Representative and Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist Million Dollar Guild designations.

The first 30-60 days:

  1. New Agents begin with rental properties that will offer much higher volume of transactions and a much shorter time frame.
  2. New Agents start by learning to prospect for new leads. Leads they receive will be referred to a mentor from their team and the new agent will shadow their mentor through the process and the new agent will earn a referral fee for every successful deal.
  3. Once the New Agent is comfortable prospecting and has learned the basics of getting through the process they will refer leads to their mentor and earn the referral fee and additional commission for completing the transaction (after the application is accepted).
  4. After the New Agent has been through a few successful transactions (and is comfortable with the entire process) they will take a 3 day training program where they will begin to learn to qualify customers.
  5. After completing this class new agents will begin to work their own customers through the entire transaction with the support of their mentor and team.


  • A positive attitude to learning and growing as an agent
  • A resiliency to the ups and downs of sales
  • A belief in our Company Values
  • A Massachusetts Real Estate Salespersons License (must have prior to beginning orientation)
  • A reliable vehicle, cell phone and computer

If you have a MA RE Salespersons License, have a winning attitude, and are money motivated but not at the expense of ethics, there is a career waiting for you here 

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BLP Corporate Principles

F A I T E + C

F.I.V.E. Star Service - Follow-through, Integrity, provide Value and Ethical behavior to our Clients and our Agents at all times

Attitude is everything - You have to believe you can achieve your goals and those of your clients and be driven to do what it takes to accomplish them.

Innovate or fall behind - Identify problems and inefficiencies and look for creative solutions in everything you do and you will excel.

Teams Work - When you, your clients and pod members know their roles, communicate effectively and do their jobs then everyone wins.

Education is for life - Strive to be a student of better real estate practices and a professional resource to your clients: Ask - Listen - Learn


Community is where we grow - When you engage with and give back to your community the return to you is often greater