Why you need an agent

With so many apartments listed online why should you use a rental Agent to help you rent an apartment? After all, you have access to all the the available apartments, right? And who wants to pay a rental agent's fee? That just seems like a waste of money!

Apartment seekers have started to think of rental Agents as simply key holders who are helping them see an apartment that they found online. This pervasive train of thought is not entirely unearned by most leasing Agents who have little to no training and quite simply are waiting for people to call them on an ad so they can open the door to that apartment and keep their fingers crossed the prospect rents it.

At BLP we have come up with 5 Reasons why you NEED a well trained Agent.

Accurate Information

It is no secret that we live in the information age and you can find thousands of listings for apartments through dozens of websites. One of the comments we hear from our customers regularly is that the information they get is either outdated, wrong or even a scam. A REALTOR® from a reputable office is your best resource for verifying information. This is why we ask our customers to forward the ads they find online to us so we can verify and provide feedback for them. 

Consider Other Options

At BLP we are not the blind key holders waiting to show you the one place you called about that you may have previously experienced. Our Agents are trained to engage with our customers and help them find the best possible new home.

In real estate there is a saying, "Out of price, location and quality you can only pick 2"At BLP we can help you to identify locations that may maximize the quality for your budget while still maintaining the quality of life you want. We do this by asking strategic questions and actively listening to your concerns. The more you share with us the better this experience will be and the happier you will be with the properties we show you.

Market Knowledge

The Boston real estate market changes quickly, now more than ever. Thousands of new apartments are coming to the market this year with thousands more coming next year. As a trusted part of the brokerage community BLP Agents are among the first to know about new leasing opportunities as well as incentives such as free rent or move in credits.

Starting your search too early or too late can also cost you. Our agent's also provide expert guidance on timing your search to maximize availability or minimizing your rent for a given neighborhood.

Lessor policies

When searching for an apartment for rent there are many things you need to consider that go well beyond whether you like what you see in the photos. Just because it looks great doesn't mean the apartment is right for you. These issues may include:

  • Does the apartment take undergrads?
  • Are pets permitted?
  • What is the minimum lease term?
  • Are lawyers allowed?

At BLP our familiar with these issues and many of the lessor's policies and can help avoid the properties that won't work for you while also other properties that will.

The application process

Just because you want the property doesn't mean you will be able to rent it. In Boston real estate is big business with thousands of landlords big and small. Each one of these landlords has their own way of qualifying applicants through the application process. A misstep could cost you the apartment of your dreams.

This is why you need a good agent to help ensure you get the apartment you want. At BLP our agents have the resources and training to make sure your application is presented and supported as favorably as possible. We have helped thousands of people through leasing and purchasing transactions and we know the policies of the landlords we work with, sometimes better than their own property managers.

So even if you think you know where you want to live, you may still want your own agent to help you get the apartment you want.