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85% of Real Estate Agents do not succeed in their first year.


Among other reasons most experts say that new agent's do not budget for the ramp up period and do not business plan for their success.

What we offer:

Development - Your first 6 months to a year will be centered upon building a strong understanding of these concepts and skills introduced to you during orientation through working with landlords and leasing to rental customers. You will be assigned to a team and will have a mentor and teammates to learn and grow with. We find the leasing process is an accelerated way to master the skills needed to be a great agent as you have many more opportunities to practice what you have learned than you will working as a sales agent.  Income is also generated faster and with less risk for the new agent.

The first 30-60 days:

New Agents begin with rental properties that will offer much higher volume of transactions and a much shorter time frame.

New Agents start by learning to prospect for new leads. Leads they receive will be referred to a mentor from their team and the new agent will shadow their mentor through the process and the new agent will earn a referral fee for every successful deal.

Once the New Agent is comfortable prospecting and has learned the basics of getting through the process they will refer leads to their mentor and earn the referral fee and additional commission for completing the transaction (after the application is accepted).

After the New Agent has been through a few successful transactions (and is comfortable with the entire process) they will take a 3 day training program where they will begin to learn to qualify customers.

After completing this class new agents will begin to work their own customers through the entire transaction with the support of their mentor and team.


  • A positive attitude to learning and growing as an agent
  • A resiliency to the ups and downs of sales
  • A belief in our Company Values
  • A Massachusetts Real Estate Salespersons License (must have prior to beginning orientation)
  • A reliable vehicle, cell phone and computer

If you have a MA RE Salespersons License, have a winning attitude, and are money motivated but not at the expense of ethics, there is a career waiting for you here¦

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